LOCATION: ROW off Berry Lane, Parsonsfield, Maine

   Going back through the old deeds this parcel was referred to as the “Mountain Lot”, and what a great description that was!  Its area spreads over the southeast side of Randall Mountain, standing 1,118 ft above sea level.  Taking in most of its two peaks and running along its more impressive ridge.  The “Ridge” takes in many scenic vistas and offers different perspectives as you hike along it.  The rock formations are unique.  They have a neat fragmented appearance to them.  The ridge has a good number of piles and walls built with these stones, which look as if they were split by mother nature.  The lot has been selectively cut, but has a good stand of sizable trees left.  In addition, the interior access as a result of this cutting, is very good.  There is a low, gradual climbing, gully through the middle of the lot.  Through this area is an accessible trail. This makes it easy to get very near the high elevation views this property offers.  Nearby, is the quaint Town of Cornish offering small local shops and food.   This is a great parcel, offering beautiful views, not easy to find this far south in the state of Maine.