Since 1983 Lloyd, the founder and owner of Lloyd's Land, has been buying and selling land.  Every year Lloyd's Land buys, researches, walks, markets, and sells up to 8,000 acres of property.  These Lots have ranged from 1 - 4,600 acres in size. Lloyd's Land is a family run business who are not realtors. All the land sold is owned by Lloyd's Land. 

Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide our clients the opportunity to view property in a relaxed, no pressure atmosphere.  This mission is achieved by allowing the client to dictate whether a property meets their land use needs, not us.  We at Lloyd's Land are committed to providing a land viewing experience that is convenient, informative, and client based.  

Often, once a person has purchased a property, the relationship has ended.......however, with Lloyd’s Land it has just begun.
— Lloyd Poland, Owner