Due to clients interest in upcoming properties, we have decided to offer multiple pieces of land prior to completing our marketing packages. These properties are ready to view at your convenience. Please feel free to call Lloyd at (207) 557-3579 to talk more in depth or to schedule a viewing.  

Carthage 272 Acres                $189,500                                                    Google Earth Link  /  Map 

     Is it your dream to own a mountain? Yes, you read that right! A MOUNTAIN! This gorgeous acreage actually includes Lake Mountain with 1,201' elevation. Talk about a 360 degree view! This selectively harvested land has deeded access and is close to power. With acreage of this size one can hunt, hike, snowshoe, and explore without leaving the property. Although recreation is not limited to the property, with its direct access to the snowmobile and ATV trails - one can easily see the possibilities. Mount Blue State Park (10 mile distance) is nearby and a great addition to the area. There are many hiking trails including a local favorite - Tumbledown Mountain. If you wish to visit a larger town, Farmington (29 mile distance) offers many restaurants and stores. This acreage opens a plethora of possibilities! 

Rumford 571 Acres                Under Contract                                            Google Earth Link  /  Map

Buckfield 103 Acres              SOLD                                              Google Earth Link  /  Map

Harrison 139 Acres             Under Contract                                                                                  Map