Let the snow melt continue! Our equipment is serviced and ready to go. This spring we plan to install more driveways to the lots at Rustic Outlook subdivision in Woodstock, Maine. Each lot has a beautiful mountain view and with our excavator mulching head we are able to open the grand vistas even more. Please continue to visit the main page of this website as we will continue to add more available lots. The views will be spectacular! 


Winter Land Showings

While most are hunkering down for a long winter’s nap, we are ready……ready for whatever Maine brings our way. Our winter land viewings are not daunting. We groom our properties’ trails by snowmobile, ensuring we are prepared for showings at a moment’s notice. We feel you should only enjoy the cold if you want. All others, there is no need to be cold..…bring a hot beverage, sit back in our enclosed HEATED track rig while taking in the scenery of our land blanketed in snow. It is an experience to remember. Just imagine, a motorized sleigh ride. You won't be disappointed!

Maine's Questions

    At times you may hear people from outside Maine ask, “Why live in Maine, there’s nothing up there?” or “There is nothing to do in Maine, why would you go there?” For us, it boils down to one simple question. “What if?” What if you tried to visit any of the 542,629 acres of state and national parks in Maine. What if you attempted to view all 67 lighthouses in Maine. What if you tried to see a fraction of the 3,166 islands off the coast of Maine. What if you took the family and tried to find some of Maine’s tourmaline, amethyst, topaz, and garnet. What if you realized - I could be in the White Mountains in the morning and playing on the coastline in the afternoon of the same day. What if Maine became as much of your family’s future as the hustle and bustle was of your past. At Lloyd’s Land, we believe we can help you answer Maine’s questions. 


Bar Harbor

Mount Katahdin

Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse


Everyone who knows me (Lloyd) can visibly see how much I love land. I love the opportunities it brings - homesteading, vacation getaway, tiny house complex, long term investment……the options are endless! Land has been one of my favorite investments. It is tangible - something I can see and experience. Raw land does not require the maintenance other real estate investments require. The right property can just sit and increase in value. On the other hand, it gives one the opportunity to enjoy the land as their investment grows. Many people don’t think of land as an investment, but land cannot be made or produced. The right property can be a real asset to diversifying one’s financial portfolio.